Summer Camp Schedules


3 Years to 5 Years
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DuBotics for ages 2.5 - 5 years!
SEM based program where students will build, explore simple machines, and study gearing mechanisms that relate to real world objects.


6 Years to 8 Years
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WeBotics for ages 5 - 8 years!
STEM based program.
Students learn the functions of each part of LEGO ©, like gears, sensors, and motors. They learn how simple machines work together to create robots that will move when they use computers to program it come to life.


8 Plus Year
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STEM based program
Students build autonomous robots that move according to the programs downloaded to the brain. NXT involves light, sound, color, touch, motion, and temperature sensors. Their robots will complete different obstacle courses and challenges.


9 Plus Year
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EV3Botics for ages 9+ years
This level requires the prior training in NXT for best level of understanding.
EV3 is used in our year round competition due to their strong programming and functionality.