Competitive RoBotics

The Robotics Teams conduct research on general problem which correlates with the given annual theme. Team members build and program a robot that ties the problems to the theme. Students are themed up with others with similar skills or grade.

Our competitive Robotics programs cover all KRA features along with character building, gracious professionalism, various volunteer and community service opportunities provided through the year.

The Star and Gold teams learn game strategies, CAD design, drafting engineering notebook, build functional prototypes, create marketing plans and possibly patient their original ideas.

Note: Robotics assessment is required before joining any teams.

Junior Teams:

K-3 Grade: 10 Sessions (1 Hour)

Star Teams:

4-6 Grade: 16 - 24 Sessions (1.5 Hours)

Master Teams:

7-12 Grade: 16 - 24 Sessions (2 Hours)